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About Us

Homeownership is the great American dream, with over 20 Years of experience in management, real estate investment, banking, sales, and customer service Aria seif started luxury houses at luxury houses we think out of the box and work smart to make your journey easy and pleasant. We believe in honesty and integrity. Our goal is to provide excellent customer service and we are aggressive negotiators on your behalf. We have developed a solid team of people who can work on your behalf from inspections to refer contractors and everything in between.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to become one of the most renowned real estate organizations by exceeding client expectations in terms of faithfulness. We strive To keep the cost of purchasing and selling real estate as low as possible while retaining the greatest quality of service.

Mission Statement

Luxury Houses is a renowned real estate company with an accomplished team of seasoned individuals in critical positions. The Company’s mission is to acquire and develop high-quality properties at reasonable prices for its investment affiliates and joint venture partners. Once properties are bought or developed, the Company will supply the additional services, expertise, and systems required to maintain each property to the highest quality standards, achieve the greatest operational efficiencies, and, eventually, realize the best profit performance. Luxury Houses will always retain the highest quality employees and provide them with the most advanced technology.

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